About me

was born in Burao in 1966, and took his basic education between the years of 1975 and 1987 in the Togdheer Region (mainly in Burao). He graduated from high school at the height of fighting in the northern regions of Somalia (now Somaliland) between Siyad Barre’s forces and the Somali National Movement .

Young Hersi joined the Somali National Movement both as a combatant and later as a key mobiliser in the Burao (Togdheer) front. After the war, he went back to education and studied both in India and the UK where he earned several Diplomas and a BA in Business Administration and Management from Cambridge International College.

He started his career with the Dahabshiil Group, initially in their Money Transfer/Banking Sector, ending up as the CEO of the Dahabshiil Group’s Telecom company (SOMTEL). SOMTEL is now one of the leading Telecom Enterprises in the Horn of Africa.

During his time with Dahabshiil, Hersi was handpicked to be the Vice Chairman of the National Election Commission, a post he held for 1 year prior to fully moving into politics. He is known to have played a major role in Kulmiye’s landslide victory in the 2010 Presidential Elections. It was no surprise to anyone that President Silanyo appointed Hersi as the Chief of Cabinet right after his inauguration in 2010. In 2011 Hersi was appointed as the Minister of Presidential Affairs. From that day the Ministry of the Presidential Affairs became one the key ministries of Somaliland (It is not the possition that makes the leader, it is the leader who makes the position). This post has wider responsibilities and plays an integral part of this administration.

Minister Hersi Ali Haji Hassan is known to be a strong supporter of private enterprise, foreign investments in Somaliland and above all transparency in both politics and business. He is an ambitious politician and a people’s person.